Hey guys! I’m the founder, Levi



I’m a Army veteran and the eldest of 7.

I holds many titles; CEO, Big sister, veteran, creative designer , and YouTuber…… with all of these titles I have collectively cultivated my story one step, one project, one lost, and one win at a time. 

I try my best to promote self care and destigmatize mental health by having reassuring reminders in my creation to keep someone moving forward. It’s all about the little things, and taking it day by day right?

My love for fashion and sense of creativity has allowed me to create a unapologetically comfortable and endlessly versatile streetwear clothing brand for young women and men across the world.

I founded  STASHAS in August 2022 and presently and continuously marking my mark. STASHAS help anyone who struggles with their self care and mental health, and bring more awareness and normality to the subject that has an unspoken rule to remain private about. Time to change that.

Allowing women and men to express and live unapologetically in their light good or bad.

I’m excited for what's to come and promises to provide you with unapologetically Comfortable and Endlessly Versatile Streetwear In Your Wardrobe .

My Purpose

So why did I create a business surrounding the idea of self care and mental health? 

I have suffered from anxiety. I overthink everything, I can get anxious from the simplest of things sometimes, and am just an (emotional) twenty something year old doing my best at life. I’m also a big sister to 5 girls and 1 boy  being their rock and growing up and experiencing my siblings go through their anxieties, fears and self finding guided me in my process.

So when I created this brand I thought about what my siblings and I wished already existed, resonated with us, and what I would genuinely purchase for myself. Thus creating STASHAS.